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Viagem Sem Escalas: Our numbers

We have profiles on Facebook, Instagram and TripAdvisor. 58% of our readers are women . 65% of our readers have between 25 and 45 years old. 30% of them want tips of hotels and 28% are interested in tickets airlines. In our website/blog he have more than 150k access per month. Our readers are from Brazil (30,2%), USA (30,1%), Japan (16,8%), Portugal/Spain (9,8%), China (4,2%), Australia (3,5%), among others.

Follow our numbers (01-19August)

Website Visit: 151,114

Post views: 94,309

Who read us?


We have more than 53 k persons of interaction per week. Below it is a example of interaction with a video we made in Moscow, Russia - almost 100 k persons of interaction. As we are journalists, the most part of our readers are influential people - like actors, mayor, big Ecompanies, businessmen among others.

Examples of interaction: Reach of almost 100 k persons (Museum in Red Square, in Moscow):

Reach of 33,6 k persons (Airbnb partnership in Portugal)

Reach of almost 30 k persons (Rock in Rio concert, in Brazil)


On Instagram we have more than 36,2 k followers. There are interactions with companies, actors, mayor, celebrities, tourism department of the cities and influential people in general. We are investing in videos in our Instagram channel.

Trip Advisor On TripAdvisor we have more than 53,8k readers. According to TripAdvisor, we are one of the most important contributors in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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